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Supreme Court of the State of New York Appellate Division Second Judicial Department Form A - Request for Appellate Division Intervention - Civil See 670. 3 of the rules of the Appellate Division Second Department 22 NYCRR 670. 3. If this form is to be filed for an appeal place the required papers in the following order 1 the Request for Appellate Division Intervention Form A this document. 3 of the rules of this court for directions on the use of this form 22 NYCRR 670. 3. Case Title Set...
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Who needs a Request for Appellate Division Intervention (RADI) form?

This form is useful to anyone, who is aggrieved by judgment in a civil case and going to appeal against a court’s issued decision. Such party in the proceedings may appeal to the Appellate Division by filing a Request for Appellate Division Intervention (RADI form).

What is Form RADI for?

In fact, this form is a review of the original civil court case and a statement of appeal: its substantive provisions, the parties to the lawsuit, the lawyers of the parties, etc. This information is used by the court to consider the possibility of such an appeal, and appointment of the court session on this fact.

Is Form RADI accompanied by other forms?

The appeal to the Appellate Division should be accompanied by the following additions:

- three copies of a notice of appeal;

- a copy of the order and a copy of the decision should be directed to the court accompanying the RADI;

- a copy of the notice of appeal upon the opposing party and a payment slip of a filing fee ($65) are also needed.

When is Form Radi due?

This form must be submitted to the court within thirty days after the original court verdict was done.

How do I fill out Form RADI?

This fillable RADI form should be completed by counsel and, most likely, they will be quite familiar with it. Anyway, following information should be provided:

- Nature of original suit;

- Description of the appeal;

- Party information;

- Attorney information;

Where do I send Form RADI?

Two instances of the RADI should be directed to the Second Department while the original copy is sent to the court office that considered the original case on which the request for appeal is filed.

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